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Are you fed up with how your health and fitness needs are not being met?
Are you confused with all the contradictory information that is out there?
Are you feeling hopeless when it comes to taking control of your health and wellness?
Are you tired of bouncing from doctors, gyms, and wellness centers?


We, at Med-Fit Gym and Wellness Center, have the solution to these and all the other challenges you are facing in terms of Health and Wellness! And the best part is that it’s all under one roof! We are on the cutting edge of the health care and prevention movement.
We offer a comprehensive approach for people who are having a very difficult time losing/managing their weight. Try one of our successful medically supervised weight loss programs today! If you like food are frustrated with dieting this program is for you. We want you to EAT EAT and EAT! Our program had been developed by athletes, medical professionals, sports and fitness gurus. Eat and lose pounds the healthy way with Med-Fit Gym and Wellness team guidelines.
Schedule to see our wellness adviser (complimentary) to discuss your test results, goals, interests, and potential plan of action.














COMING SOON - Belly dancing, Circuit training, ab boot camp. 

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Alfonzo Bio of Med Fit Gym in Brevard





The overall purpose of the Med-Fit Gym & Wellness Center Athletic Training Program is to develop and maintain a balance between a high competitive edge in a sport of your choice and ensuring participant safety for the student athlete. Designed to assist Sport Coaches to help teams/individuals improve the following:
· Team Speed & Agility
· Movement Efficiency
· Power & Endurance
· Team Unity & Work Ethic
· Injury Prevention
· Nutrition & Recovery
Our primary and utmost concern is for the health of the student/athlete which is achieved by developing a stronger, more agile athlete. We manage this objective through extensive strength, speed and agility training.

Cardio-Kick TRX

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Cardio-Kick TRX
Cardio-Kick TRX small group training with a local amateur kickboxing competitor, Heather. KICK...STRETCH...PUSH & PUNCH YOUR STRESS AWAY! GET READY TO LEAVE EVERY DROP OF SWEAT BEHIND! Kickboxing on a heavy bag (not punching in the air like Tae Bo) combined with TRX Suspension Training -developed by a US Navy Seal. Try something different! Gloves are provided. Space is limited, so sign-up today! Your first class is complimentary! Class days and times are as follows: Monday at 8:30 am, Tuesday and Thursday at 6:30 pm and Saturday at 9 am. Group training packages are also available for Cardio-Kick TRX with a minimum of 4 people.



Dream Body Boot Camp

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Dream Body Boot Camp
I sure hope everyone is ready for Dream Body Boot Camp! Med-Fit Gym and Wellness Center is now offering an awesome new Boot Camp to go along with our other exciting classes and well received Personal Training programs. Dream Body Boot Camp will include several different workout styles and variations to keep members excited and to provide them with new challenges as we all progress together. Expect a full body circuit training program with cross-training elements included as we work together in a group training environment as you build muscle and burn fat simultaneously. Dream Body Boot Camp is accessible for all genders and age groups. It is challenging enough for well conditioned athletes while also accommodating to people new to the fitness world. So don't wait to become great! Be apart of our exciting new venture... Your dream body awaits you!!!


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Wight Loss TEstimonial;

Weight-Loss Win is an original Yahoo Health series that shares the inspiring stories of people who have shed pounds healthfully.
Todd Bender is 32, 5’11”, and weighs 190 pounds. But in 2013, he weighed 300 pounds. This is the story of his weight-loss journey.
The Turning Point
I have always wanted to look better and to be physically fit, but in 2013, I started to go through a divorce, and within the first month, the stress led me to lose 15 pounds. That was my catalyst for change. I took that weight loss and ran with it, deciding it was time to regain control of my life. I needed something positive to work toward — and that was it.
The Changes
I set a goal for myself to lose 100 pounds. To start, I eliminated certain foods that I knew all along were bad for me: fast food, ice cream, and soda. I was terribly addicted to soda — drinking it was usually the first thing I’d do after waking up. It wasn’t easy to give it up, but it also wasn’t easy to limit the food. I’m an emotional eater, and those comfort foods were my crutch. I knew, though, that if I was going to reach my goal of 100 pounds lost, I was going to have to get more serious. I couldn’t just rely on cutting back forever; I had to start counting calories. I began using MyFitnessPal and tracking everything I ate, aiming to stay around 1,200 net calories per day. At first, it was a challenge, but I slowly discovered foods that filled me up for fewer calories — high-volume, low-calorie ones. Over time, my taste in vegetables began to change, and soon I found myself enjoying foods I would have never touched before I started to diet. Two months into my dieting, I had enough courage to join a local gym and meet with a trainer. This was the key to me pushing forward. The closer I got to my goal, the easier it became to keep going. I got a lot of compliments on my changing appearance. Those motivated me. They reminded me of my progress even when I couldn’t see it myself. When there were times I thought my goals were hard to reach, or taking longer than I originally anticipated, I just kept moving forward, even if moving forward meant crawling. About a year later, I had lost that 100 pounds. Before I started, I had a 46-inch waist. Today, I’m down to a 32-inch waist. My shirts were once a size XXL and now I wear a medium — and in some styles, those are baggy around my abdomen. Going down in clothing sizes really showed me just how much I was changing. Along the way, I would buy new clothes slightly tight because I knew I could wear them longer and it was also good motivation to get smaller and fit into them. .
The After
The most gratifying part, by far, though, was gaining confidence in myself. I learned I could do things I previously thought impossible. As I began to feel better about myself, I wanted to share my good fortune with the rest of the world. I was more polite to strangers, I was more helpful to everyone I knew, and I also became a better father to my son.

Workout at Med Fit Gym Merrittt Island Transformation at Med Fit Gym Florida

Bob Markwith - Client of Med Fit Personal Trainer Steve Guilmette

After many years up and down with weight loss and gain, retiring from a full time job I decided it was time to go back and get in shape. I modified my diet, joined a gym, attending aerobics classes and starting working out with my Personal Trainer Steve who helped me on my journey. Starting at 290 lbs in Jan 2014, I achieved my goal of 220 lbs in Fall 2014 and am now subsequently down to 205 lbs! Med Fit Gym has top of the line fitness equipment which helped my reach my goal. Even after achieving my goal I continue to train with Steve at Med Fit three times a week to keep me motivated.


Personal taining at Med fit Gym in Brevard County

"Dave Fitzgerald trained at Med Fit Gym and Wellness Center with personal trainer CD for a Mount Rainier summit hike!"


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